Expose like a pro without breaking the bank!

PocketChris Incident Meter is the incident light meter for your DSLR. Use a simple 18% grey card, take two spot measurements and get exposures that rival those metered with an expensive incident light meter! » find out how it works


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Key Features

  • Use a simple 18% grey card instead of an expensive light meter

  • Incident meter like a pro without breaking the bank

  • Master difficult light situations

  • Save hundreds of $$$ by not having to buy a light meter

  • Get exposures that rival those done with an incident meter

  • Ready for iOS 6 and iPhone 5


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"I have been hoping for a solution like this! Can't wait for the release!"

@remixoverdrive, Twitter


"I! Want! This!"

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"I like that guy's creativity!"

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About Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt is the photographic mythbuster and host of Tips from the Top Floor, the longest running photography podcast in the world.

Chris is also always in search for the perfect light and when he was told that you *had* to use a light meter in order to get good exposure, he was more than sceptical.

Finally, after a good amount of experimentation and with enough failures under his belt, he refined his grey card method far enough to put it into this iPhone app and make it easy to use for everyone.

Contact via email at chris@chrismarquardt.com

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